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Fridays Are Kids' Nights!!!

Ages 8-15


join us from  

5pm to 10pm for 

a night of fun!

CALL US TODAY AT 678-658-6861 For Reservations

book a party with us 

Private Parties are on Saturdays

9:30-11:30 or 6:30-8:30

We offer Airsoft for 8 & Up

And Nerf Parties for All Ages


hours of battle:

friday: 5pm - 10pm*

*Kids Night ages  8 to 15*

     saturday: 12pm -  6Pm All Ages          sunday: 1pm - 6pm   All Ages                                                                   



us on snapchat!!

  1. facemask on at all times

  2. call your hits

  3. use your best judgement for safety kills. mandatory within 10 feet!!

  4. no foul language

  5. no use of force is allowed    

  6. no fighting

  7. have fun!!! 

4191 West Street 

covington, ga



Katie O. 

“It's a great place for the kids and adults! My boys have a blast. Staff are very friendly and accommodating! "